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What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2023

The blog post "What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2023" provides an overview of the new features and enhancements introduced in the SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2023 Quarterly Release. The updates will take place from May 19-21, 2023.

Key highlights include:

1. **System Administration and Technical Requirements**: Users can upgrade to the latest SAP Analytics Cloud agent version 1.0.373 to leverage all data acquisition types. The minimum version remains at 1.0.75, with exceptions for specific SAP applications.

2. **Release Highlights**: Several new features and enhancements have been introduced, including the ability to deactivate and reactivate users, automation of setup for customer-manage encryption keys (CMEKs), specific page titles, guided design, and more.

3. **Business Content Delivery**: New business content packages for finance, sales, workforce planning, consumer products, and the public sector have been introduced to reduce implementation time.

4. **Dashboard and Story Design**: The release introduces the unification of stories and analytics application into one single artifact based on the optimized stack in SAP Analytics Cloud.

5. **Microsoft Office Integration**: New custom formulas to set data action parameters in Microsoft Excel worksheets have been introduced, along with a new workbook setting that allows users to define if the refresh of the data is performed automatically when opening or if the refresh remains manual.

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