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Planifyit in 3D: The Future of Business Solutions

Hey there, dear readers!

If you've been following our journey at Planifyit, you know we're a bunch of tech enthusiasts who thrive on innovation. Today, we're eager to unveil something special we've been working on in our labs:

Planifyit in 3D

No, we're not diving into the world of 3D graphics (though that sounds fun!). Our 3D is a fresh approach to business solutions, standing for "Discover, Develop, and Deploy". Let me break it down for you:

Discover: The Aha! Moment

Ever had that moment when you stumble upon a tool or gadget and think, "Where have you been all my life?" That's what our discovery phase is all about.

- Free 2-3 hour session: Grab a coffee, and let's chat. We'll walk you through the coolest reporting and planning tools out there, tailored just for you.

- Live system demonstration: It's showtime! Experience firsthand how these tools can jazz up your business operations.

Develop: Crafting with Care

Once we've picked our tools, it's crafting time. Consider this an initiative where we meticulously tailor solutions using your data

- 5-Day Fast Prototyping: We're all about that hustle. In a workweek, we'll whip up prototypes that were made just for you.

- Collaborative development: Remember those group projects in school? It's like that, but way more fun. Let's join forces and tweak those prototypes to perfection.

- Your data's spotlight moment: It's like watching your favorite movie but with your data as the star. Revel in the insights and stories it tells.

Deploy: Setting the Stage

And now, the grand finale! Our 3D journey culminates in the deployment phase, where our crafted solutions take center stage in your business.

- Fixed-rate development: No surprises here. We're transparent about costs, so you know what's on the bill.

- Seamless integration: Think of this as adding a new member to your tech family. Our solutions will fit right in, no hiccups.

- Ready for the big leagues: As your business scales, our solutions are right there with you, flexing and adapting.

We're stoked to take this journey with you, one dimension at a time.

Got questions or just want to chat about all things tech? Drop us a line. Let's make magic together!

In English:

Planifyit with 3d - Discover, Develop, Deploy (EN)
Télécharger PDF • 409KB

In German:

Planifyit with 3d - Discover, Develop, Deploy (DE)
Télécharger PDF • 415KB

in French:

Planifyit with 3d - Discover, Develop, Deploy (FR)
Télécharger PDF • 411KB

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