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SAP Datasphere Content

The new Datasphere Content overview document provided by SAP provides an in-depth overview of the various features and functionalities of SAP Datasphere, with a particular focus on its data model architecture.

The guide begins with a story on Statistical Process Control (SPC), which is a method of quality control that uses statistical methods to monitor and control a process. This story serves as an introduction to the data model architecture of SAP Datasphere.

🤝The document provides instructions on how to obtain and install content in the system in separate packages in the SAP Analytic Cloud Content Network. Both SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud packages need to be imported and set up for an End-2-End content experience.

The guide also provides a detailed overview of the Line(s) of Business (LoB) and Industries, as well as Cross Application content. It includes several SAP Analytics Cloud Stories, such as SAP Business Networks - Value Analytics - Lead Time, SAP Business Networks - Value Analytics - On Time In Full, and others. These stories are based on various SAP Datasphere views.

🏛️It explains that the extracted data is populated in the tables categorized as Inbound Layer (IL) and Harmonization Layer (HL). Views are created in the Harmonization Layer to hide some of the complexity of the tables in the Inbound Layer.

It includes a section on SAP Monitoring Content (Data Integration Tasks) and Known Issues. It introduces a new story: Customer Value Management Insights for Telco (CVM). This story is based on several SAP Datasphere views.

The SAP Ariba: Spend Analysis content is introduced, which consists of four different stories based on data coming mainly from the SAP Ariba Spend Analysis module. These stories include SAP Ariba: Spend Analysis General Overview, SAP Ariba: Spend Analysis Spend Assessment, SAP Ariba: Price Optimizations, and SAP Ariba: Spend Analysis Diversity.

In summary, this document covers a wide range of topics, from installation and setup to specific use cases and known issues. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to leverage the power of SAP Datasphere in their organization.

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